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Beach Holidays-Why We Love Them

No one doesn’t like going to the beach on holiday. But why do beaches always seem to be very away? More often we hear kids sited at the back of vehicle shouting: ‘’Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’’
Could it be that the beach is more than just a place where the ocean meets the land? Could be it that the beach is made up of other elements, including a beachy state of mind?

When you overhear about the words beach holiday (also see:, maybe from a crowd, that is enough to make you start daydreaming. Some beach fanatics would to think about the sounds of the ocean waves, some may think about the idea of sand between their feet, and some may think about the shaded palms and the turquoise waters.

In the minds of most beach holiday dreamers, the perfect beaches are made up of ribbons of white sand sinking beneath the water. If this is your ideal beach, the Bondi Beach in Australia is a good bet. The sand is usually pure white, and there are 5 kilometres of it. You can also snorkel, camp and swim. But a beach can be less perfect without it losing magnetism. Light greywater and rocks on the surface still make an enjoyable beach holiday.

If you are interested snorkelling or rock pooling, the Bondi beach is still the best choice. On one side of the steep bay, there are rock-pools and shallow pools for children. Right by all the cafes, its yellow sand covered in rows of lobsters, which is excellent for people watching.

If you, however, want to get technical, a beach does not need to have salty water, and it doesn’t need to have sand. Considering that, the idea of a beach state is beginning to make more sense to you, isn’t it? The feeling centres around a feeling of freedom.

The salty sandy smell and the ocean’s sounds evoke memories of relaxing and not wanting to do anything. Because that is the thing about beach holidays, you do not have to put on a watch or wear shoes, and you don’t have to dress up. You just really don’t want to do anything, and that is absolutely fine.

At the beach, you can become inactive or active as much as you like. Beach girls who love reading, read, beach boys, swim, play sports or jog. And for beach babes, the sand is surprisingly fascinating. Where else can you find this type of freedom and entertainment?

Travelling to your beach holiday destination is the part of this magic. On your way to the beach, you will get the same excitement you used to get when you were kids. This is because you are about to give yourself some wonderful time in the warm and cheerful sun, surrounded by nature to just do what you enjoy. No wonder the whispering sound of the train is enough to send people around the beachy bend.